Five Ways Your Thoughts Are Being Driven Against Your Own Self-Interest

(via Natural News) There are plenty of examples in history of mind control being used to influence masses of people to bend to the will of those in control. These days, as the Activist Post points out, mind control has expanded beyond the purely psychological to incorporate a technological aspect as well. The good news… Continue reading Five Ways Your Thoughts Are Being Driven Against Your Own Self-Interest

Seriously? – Leftists Vilify Melania Trump Over ‘Nature’ Cures Remarks

Why would seeking an alternative, and more natural, means of healing be considered a bad thing? How is this offensive? Good grief… The First Lady just can’t catch a break.   (via Natural News) Leftists really worked themselves into a tizzy over comments that First Lady Melania Trump made while touring the Children’s National Medical Center… Continue reading Seriously? – Leftists Vilify Melania Trump Over ‘Nature’ Cures Remarks

Sandalwood Oil Benefits & Uses

Although the name may escape some, the scent of sandalwood oil is both quite familiar and intoxicating. You may recognize its warm, rich, woody fragrance from numerous body care products, perfumes as well as various skin and beauty treatments. It’s also often used in incense sticks, and room fresheners. The smell is simply fantastic, but… Continue reading Sandalwood Oil Benefits & Uses

Top 6 Most Common Contaminants In Drinking Water

The quality of our drinking water is a huge deal, and it has been a subject of some big news as of late. The high levels of toxic lead found in the water in Flint, Michigan is a prime example of that. However, water quality issues is not new. In fact, this is a concern in… Continue reading Top 6 Most Common Contaminants In Drinking Water

Top 8 Tips To Better Sleep

Ah, sleep… There is nothing like it after a busy, hectic day. Curled up all nice and toasty in comfy blankets, a nice cool pillow under your head. A sigh of relief escapes you with the promise of a brand new day come morning. Sleep is absolutely essential for achieving a healthy, happy life. But… Continue reading Top 8 Tips To Better Sleep

Top 7 Reasons To Eat More Carrots

Carrots are one of the most widely used and enjoyed veggies in the world. They grow easily, can be prepared in various dishes, and, boy, do rabbits sure LOVE them! I can remember time and time again as a child being reminded to eat my plate of carrots by my parents. “They’re good for your… Continue reading Top 7 Reasons To Eat More Carrots

Top 8 Benefits of Cinnamon

One of the most popular and recognized spices in the world, cinnamon offers some of the most impressive health benefits around from immunity booster to managing diabetes. Dating back to ancient Egypt, cinnamon is used in various dishes all over the world for its desirable flavor. In the past, it was used as a food… Continue reading Top 8 Benefits of Cinnamon

Boost Your Health With Bananas!

Bananas are most definitely not just for monkeys. Kids and adults alike all love bananas. Wrapped up in their own natural wrapper they can be eaten whole, or used in a number of recipes from oatmeal, smoothies, muffins, or the most notable dessert of all, a banana split! According to the USDA, Bananas are the… Continue reading Boost Your Health With Bananas!

Eucalyptus Oil: Benefits & Uses

Years ago, before ever venturing into a more natural lifestyle of food and health, there were only two things I knew about eucalyptus: Koalas loved it, and Vicks VapoRub. That’s it. Since then I’ve eagerly taken the opportunity to learn more about eucalyptus, as well as other essential oils, and have found its benefits to… Continue reading Eucalyptus Oil: Benefits & Uses

Top 7 Natural Immunity Boosters

One of the worst things that could happen during a busy, productive week is that first sign of something gone awry in your body upon waking. That first tickle in your throat, a slight yet annoying congestion, or a small case of the sniffles. A foreshadowing of rough waters ahead that’ll more than likely put… Continue reading Top 7 Natural Immunity Boosters