Top 7 Natural Immunity Boosters

One of the worst things that could happen during a busy, productive week is that first sign of something gone awry in your body upon waking. That first tickle in your throat, a slight yet annoying congestion, or a small case of the sniffles. A foreshadowing of rough waters ahead that’ll more than likely put a dent in your day-to-day.

Such a turn of events can occur no matter the weather or season, or occupation. Like a crack in the wall big enough for the enemy troops to slip through, leaving the fortified city vulnerable and exposed to unwanted threats. Our immune system is that fortified wall protecting and fighting against harmful intrusions, but sometimes, without even realizing, we forget to give it that maintenance it needs to continue doing its job. When that happens a number of things can negatively affect our immunity: poor diet, lack of sleep, stress, alcoholism, poor hygiene, obesity, and smoking.

When faced with such an unpleasant instance, never fear. There’s still a chance you won’t end up stuck in bed for a week or two if you act quick, stimulate your immune system, and fight back.

Drink Water


Frankly, whether you’re sick or not, your body wants you to drink water. It’s that important. Keeping the body hydrated is a healthy way to flush out toxins and maintain proper blood flow. It also improves skin, making it look healthier and radiant, and boosts kidney function. Be sure to filter your water in order to avoid harmful and even cancerous elements (i.e. mercury, lead, arsenic, etc).

Colloidal Silver

This stuff packs a real punch! At the first sign of a cold, allergies, or infection silver instantly fights back and reinforces your immune system. Colloidal silver is a construction of silver particles in a pure solution that is safe and tasteless. These microscopic particles are highly effective against harmful organisms without any adverse side effects. Highly quality colloidal silver is key,though, because anything less will not be as effective.


Along with colloidal silver, at the first sign of an impending cold I make a break for some elderberry syrup. Not only does it taste sublime (kids will love it, too!), but it’s strong enough to combat influenza, bacteria, and infection. It’s antibacterial quality and vitamin C content will help kick your immune system into high gear, helping to maintain general good health.


If you’re looking to keep your immune system in good shape then you’re going to need some shuteye. Getting some rest or a good night’s sleep is the best way to help repair and recharge the body. People who suffer from lack of sleep are more susceptible to catching colds than those who get their required hours of rest.


Lemon Juice

Add to your meals, your tea, or drink it with water, but lemon juice is a serious immunity booster due to its vitamin C content. It’s antiviral and antibacterial properties help fight sickness and fortify the body.

Raw Honey



It’s sweet, but it means business. Honey is a powerful natural antibiotic that strengthens immunity and eliminates allergies while fighting viruses. Packed with key nutrients, including zinc and vitamin C, it encourages good health and fights against a multitude of ailments.


If you love garlic, then there’s plenty more to love about it. It’s highly effective in combating a variety of cancerous ailments, and can be used as a natural body detox. Loaded with vitamin C and antioxidant properties, garlic is an awesome immunity booster to add to your diet whether you’re sick or healthy.