“Do Not Attempt To Have Families & Societies Without Him…”

October 2, 2011 message from Our Lady of Medjugorje through Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo:

“Dear children; Also today my motherly heart calls you to prayer, to your personal relationship with God the Father, to the joy of prayer in Him.

God the Father is not far away from you and He is not unknown to you.

He revealed Himself to you through my Son and gave you Life that is my Son.

Therefore, my children, do not give in to temptations that want to separate you from God the Father.


Do not attempt to have families and societies without Him.


Pray that your hearts may be flooded with the goodness which comes only from my Son, Who is sincere goodness.

Only hearts filled with goodness can comprehend and accept God the Father.

I will continue to lead you.

In a special way I implore you not to judge your shepherds.

My children, are you forgetting that God the Father called them?


Thank you.”