Pray For The Holy Souls In Purgatory

Today the Church observes All Souls’ Day. A holy day set aside to honor the souls of the departed waiting to enter Heaven. Unlike All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day is not a Holy Day of Obligation. According to traditions and teachings, Catholics believe that through the prayers of the faithful here on earth, the… Continue reading Pray For The Holy Souls In Purgatory

All Saints’ Day!

Today (Nov. 1) is All Saints’ Day, a solemn holy day the Catholic Church celebrates in honor of all the souls who have attained heaven, including Saints recognized by the Church. A Holy Day of Obligation, all Catholics are required to attend Mass today, unless seriously ill. Just think of the millions, even billions, of souls… Continue reading All Saints’ Day!

October 28, 2016 Message from Our Lady of Medjugorje

October 28, 2016 Message From Our Lady of Medjugorje: On October 28, 2016 visionary Ivan Dragicevic met with his prayer group on Apparition Hill. Here’s the rough translation of his comments after the apparition that evening. Message through Ivan, October 28, 2016 After the meeting with Our Lady, I would like to draw closer to you… Continue reading October 28, 2016 Message from Our Lady of Medjugorje

Reflection – “Leave Selfishness…”

Today we’ve come to the last Saturday of October. I hope these little tributes to the Rosary this month have been enjoyable for you to read as they were for me to write. And I pray and hope more people out there decide to take up the devotion of the Rosary, and share it with… Continue reading Reflection – “Leave Selfishness…”

Elvis Presley’s Song to Our Lady & the Rosary

I had known for a couple years Eric Clapton had written and performed a song in honor of the Blessed Mother, which you can check out HERE. But it was only recently I discovered the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself, Elvis Presley, had sung one, too! That’s right. Elvis once sang and recorded a… Continue reading Elvis Presley’s Song to Our Lady & the Rosary

The Miracles of the Rosary

Throughout history many miracles have occurred; great conversions, healing and escaping death, and the thwarting of wars and other evils. There are so many testimonies out there! Some of us may even have our own stories as well. And many of these inexplicable miracles were obtained by the loving intercession of the Blessed Mother through… Continue reading The Miracles of the Rosary