Reflection – “Pray More, Speak Less…”

As we await Our Lady’s new message tomorrow, I think it’s best we re-read her last message from August 25th:

“Dear children! This is a time of grace. Little children, pray more, speak less and permit God to lead you on the way of conversion. I am with you and love you with my motherly love. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Pray more, speak less.

Given the painful convulsions the Church is currently undergoing, this is powerful advice for all Christians to follow. Some may argue that it’s not enough, but, honestly, how has following human intellect and intervention within the Church, rather than that of the Holy Spirit, worked out up to now for us?

This is what Our Lady means by, “pray more, speak less.” When Our Blessed Lord experienced His agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, He prayed. And He asked the apostles to stay awake with Him and pray also:

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” [Matthew 26:41]

When the apostles and the Blessed Mother waited in the Upper Room for the gift of the Holy Spirit, they kept silent and prayed. And quite often in Marian apparitions, the visionaries along with the faithful that gather with them, wait in prayer until the Blessed Mother appears.

When we pray (be it good times or bad times) we are not laying down in full surrender to the forces of darkness, we are taking up arms in the battle and resisting the enemy’s attacks. In prayer, we are in communication with Our Blessed Lord and Savior (Who is the Head of the Church), and permitting Him to lead us, and build up our strength and courage.

Some days ago, I was reading Cardinal Sarah’s book, The Power of Silence, and I came across a section where he speaks about the Holy Spirit and the Church, how much the Spirit has been ignored these days, and its subsequent consequences. Here’s what he wrote:

The Spirit dwells in the interior of man by regenerating him without manifest noise. The Spirit is a silent force. Free as the wind, the Spirit blows unpredictably. If we do not drive away his fire, he sets the world ablaze.

In Against Heresies, Saint Irenaeus wrote: “[The Holy Spirit] has been entrusted to the Church,… that all members receiving it may be vivified; and the [means of] communion with Christ has been distributed throughout it, that is, the Holy Spirit.” The Spirit is communion.

Today, the world is not sufficiently attentive to the Holy Spirit. Without attention to the Spirit, men are divided; they scatter, hate one another, and are divided as at Babel. Then wars are started, and sects abound. Without the Spirit, unbelief advances; with the Spirit, God comes close.

I am sad to see how much we abuse the Holy Spirit. In their imagination and in disregard of the will that intends that we be one, some men, on their own initiative, create their own churches, their own theologies, and their own beliefs, which in fact are only petty subjective opinions. The Holy Spirit has no opinions. He only repeats what Christ taught us in order to lead to the whole truth.

I say this is all seriousness: The absence of the Holy Spirit in the Church creates all the divisions. Where the Church is, there is the Spirit of God. Where the Spirit is, there is the Church.

The Holy Spirit is a bond of communion between the Father and the Son. He is the breath of life that we cannot grasp. He is invisible, but fully present.

When we are docile to the Holy Spirit, we are sure to be walking toward the truth because we are entirely subject to his inspirations. As the first Council of Jerusalem, thanks to the great silence of the Spirit, prayer, and fasting, the Apostles had the audacity to affirm the truth of God and not that of men (Acts 15). All the councils are placed under the protection of the Spirit. During conclaves, the Spirit points out God’s choice to the cardinals; the latter must submit to his will and not to human political strategies. If we thwart the Holy Spirit by miserable, petty human calculations, secret meetings, and media consultations, we run headlong into tragedy and we are gravediggers of the divine nature of the Church.

The rejection of the Spirit is a blasphemy and a mortal sin because it is a matter of rejecting the truth. Without the Spirit, the Church is in danger of becoming a new tower of Babel. The different and deviant languages drown out the testament of the Son of God. Some pretentious, cynical ideologues threaten the truth of Jesus. Confusion, relativism, and chaos point toward a fatal prospect.

(Cardinal Robert Sarah, The Power of Silence Against the Dictatorship of Noise, p. 111-112)

Let us not suffocate the Spirit in our lives. We need the help of the Holy Spirit to inspire and guide us as the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church. We need to be guided in truth, love, and faith. We need the gifts of the Holy Spirit to fortify and strengthen us in these difficult times of great spiritual warfare. We must stand with Jesus and Mary in this battle for souls. Let us pray to the Holy Spirit to work in us and through us, and to help liberate the Church of the machinations of the Evil One that has infiltrated her.

The Litany of the Holy Spirit

Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us.
Father all powerful,
Have mercy on us.
Jesus, Eternal Son of the Father, Redeemer of the world,
Save us.
Spirit of the Father and the Son, boundless Life of both,
Sanctify us.
Holy Trinity,
Hear us.

Holy Spirit, Who proceedest from the Father and the Son,
enter our hearts.
Holy Spirit, Who art equal to the Father and the Son,
enter our hearts.
Promise of God the Father,
have mercy on us.
Ray of heavenly light,
have mercy on us.
Author of all good, etc.
Source of Heavenly water,
Consuming Fire,
Ardent Charity,
Spiritual Unction,
Spirit of love and truth,
Spirit of wisdom and understanding,
Spirit of counsel and fortitude,
Spirit of knowledge and piety,
Spirit of the fear of the Lord,
Spirit of grace and prayer,
Spirit of peace and meekness,
Spirit of modesty and innocence,
Holy Spirit, the Comforter,
Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier,
Holy Spirit, Who governest the Church,
Gift of God the Most High,
Spirit Who fillest the universe,
Spirit of the adoption of the children of God,

Holy Spirit, inspire us with horror of sin.
Holy Spirit, come and renew the face of the earth.
Holy Spirit, shed Thy light into our souls.
Holy Spirit, engrave Thy law in our hearts.
Holy Spirit, inflame us with the flame of Thy love.
Holy Spirit, open to us the treasures of Thy graces.
Holy Spirit, teach us to pray well.
Holy Spirit, enlighten us with Thy Heavenly inspirations.
Holy Spirit, lead us in the way of salvation.
Holy Spirit, grant us the only necessary knowledge.
Holy Spirit, inspire in us the practice of good.
Holy Spirit, grant us the merits of all virtues.
Holy Spirit, make us persevere injustice.
Holy Spirit, be our everlasting reward.

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
Send us Thy Holy Spirit.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
Pour down into our souls the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
Grant us the Spirit of wisdom and piety.

V. Come, Holy Spirit! Fill the hearts of Thy faithful,
R. And enkindle in them the fire of Thy love.

Let Us Pray.

Grant, O merciful Father, that Thy Divine Spirit may enlighten, inflame and purify us, that He may penetrate us with His heavenly dew and make us fruitful in good works, through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who with Thee, in the unity of the same Spirit, liveth and reigneth forever and ever. R. Amen.