Cardinal Burke: Irish Catholics Did Not Receive Support From Rome in Abortion Battle

(via LifeSiteNews)

Ireland’s recent caving into the globalist agenda of abortion and same-sex “marriage” is partly due to silence coming from Rome, American Cardinal Raymond Burke said in an interview last week with Polish weekly “Sieci” magazine. 

“In Ireland, during the campaign before the referendum on protection of the life of the unborn, just like before the previous referendum on so-called same-sex ‘marriage,’ people fighting in these battles did not receive support from Rome,” said the cardinal, “and [its own] bishops themselves defended moral principles too weakly.”

Burke called what happened in Ireland evidence of an “alarming” situation in the Church. One problem, he said, is that leaders within the Catholic Church herself are casting doubt upon Church teachings.  

“There is no doubt about that,” the cardinal said. “The situation in the Church is alarming. This is above all because fundamental truths of faith are being undermined and questioned.”

“Moral teaching tells us that certain behaviors are evil, always and everywhere, and that they cannot be called good under any circumstance,” Burke continued. “This applies to sexual activity with a person of the same sex, and also to extramarital sexual relations. Now consent to this kind of practice is appearing also in the Church.” 

“I repeat: it is very alarming. Currently there is also an absence of a strong leadership from Rome, which could make these matters clear and remove uncertainty.”

Cardinal Burke warned against allowing one’s Catholic faith to be removed from the public sphere, kept privately in homes and in church buildings.

“…People should understand that their life in Christ also means that they act in Christ also in the public sphere, and thus in politics, in education, in health care, and in business,” he said.  “When our religiosity is only private, when it is connected only to what we do at home and in the church, it has no future. Such religiosity will not survive in the modern world.”

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