Cardinal Sarah: Some ‘Exploit the Word of God’ to Promote Multiculturalism, Immigration

(via LifeSite)

Cardinal Robert Sarah has affirmed a nation’s right to distinguish between refugees and economic migrants.

According to Polish newsmagazine and other Polish publications, the African cardinal supported Poland’s resistance to a certain “logic” of migration that outside forces are trying to impose on the nation.

“In what manner is it possible to remove the rights of the nation to distinguish between a political or religious refugee, who must flee from his homeland, and the economic migrant, who wants to change his address without adapting himself, identifying with, and accepting the culture of the country in which he will live?” Sarah asked.

“Even more so (how is this possible), if this migrant is of another religion and culture and serves as a pretext for the relativization of the absolute value which is the common good of the nation?”

Sarah stated that the ideology of liberal individualism promotes a “blending” that erases the natural borders of homelands and cultures. He warned that this could lead to a ”post-national, one-dimensional world” in which “the only criteria are consumption and production.”

While upholding the human dignity of every human being, Sarah stressed the rights of peoples to their own home nations:

“I say again that we must work together to rebuild the nations that have fallen victim to war, corruption and injustice, but this does not mean encouraging the uprooting of peoples and the destruction of nations. Some people exploit the Word of God to justify the promotion of multiculturalism and gaily take advantage of the excuse of hospitality to justify the admission of immigrants.”

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