Thousands to Pray Rosary on Irish Coasts to Protect Nation from Abortion

(via LifeSite)

A small group of young people and a self-described “dinosaur” are organizing a mass recitation of the rosary that will stretch around Ireland’s coasts, spiritually uniting Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic in their shared love of life and faith.

The Irish “Rosary on the “Rosary on the Coasts for Life and Faith” will take place around the island’s coastline on Sunday, November 26, 2017, the Roman Catholic feast of Christ the King. Those who gather will be praying for a renewal of the Christian faith in Ireland and for the preservation of the pro-life laws in Northern Ireland and the Republic.

“We’re in a life and death struggle,” organizer Kathy Sinnott (the self-described dinosaur) told LifeSiteNews, “both in the North and the South.”

An erosion of the Catholic faith in Ireland has led to a proposed referendum that may overturn the constitutionally protected right to life of the unborn person in the Republic, and pressure from the more secular mainland has threatened the unborn in the North. Already the London-based UK government has announced plans to pay for the abortions and travel expenses of Northern Irish mothers. Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK with strong pro-life laws.

Sinnott told LifeSiteNews that she and her four young fellow organizers, Ann-Marie, Lisa, Mike and Catherine, were inspired by three things: “the situation we’re sleepwalking into;” the Polish and Italian border rosaries; and a national consecration of Ireland on December 8.

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