Reflection – ‘Do Not Be Uncertain, I Am With You…’

August 2, 2017 – “…Do not be afraid. Do not be uncertain, I am with you. Do not permit yourselves to be discouraged because much prayer and sacrifice are necessary for those who do not pray, do not love and do not know my Son. You help, by seeing your brothers in them…”

The path of a Christian is not always easy. Jesus Himself told us so in the Gospel. In our walk, there will be occasions of trial. There will be encounters with people who will not understand or even believe that your beliefs/choices are “archaic.” But even so, we’re called to press on and move forward. Our Lady keeps encouraging us of that because she knows and sees that in spite of our difficulties we’re heading in the right direction.

Following in the footsteps of Jesus in the Gospel means going against the grain of the world. Remember, we don’t belong to the world. We belong to Christ. So, if the world’s got you feeling discouraged, afraid or confused don’t give it another thought. The devil would love nothing more than for you to give up. Don’t be a victim to the mind games, and don’t let the world sway you.10590646_10203972120159487_2961998724279935647_n

“The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can anyone do to me?” [Hebrews 13:6]

Our Lady doesn’t want us to fall into the traps of the enemy. There’s no room for fear or uncertainty. 1) Because we are safe within the Hands of the Lord, Who protects and sustains us. 2) Because much prayer, sacrifice, love and forgiveness is expected from us to help others and ourselves.

Striving for holiness is for our good and the good of others. It allows the light of Jesus to shine forth through us for others to see; to be living testimonies of His love and mercy. We each play an important role in God’s plan, and every effort, however small, is always meritorious by God’s grace.

But you, beloved, are not in darkness, for that day to surprise you like a thief; for you are all children of light and children of the day; we are not of the night or of darkness. So then let us not fall asleep as others do, but let us keep awake and be sober; for those who sleep sleep at night, and those who are drunk get drunk at night. But since we belong to the day, let us be sober, and put on the breastplate of faith and love, and for a helmet the hope of salvation. For God has destined us not for wrath but for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us, so that whether we are awake or asleep we may live with him. Therefore encourage one another and build up each other, as indeed you are doing. [1 Thessalonians 5:5-11]

August 02, 2014 “Dear children, the reason that I am with you, my mission, is to help you for ‘good’ to win, even though this does not seem possible to you now. I know that you do not understand many things as I also did not understand everything, everything that my Son explained to me while He was growing up alongside me – but I believed Him and followed Him. I ask this of you also, to believe me and to follow me. However, my children, to follow me means to love my Son above everything, to love Him in every person without making differences. For you to be able to do this, I call you anew to renunciation, prayer_krizevacprayer and fasting. I am calling you for the Eucharist to be the life of your soul. I am calling you to be my apostles of light who will spread love and mercy through the world. My children, your life is only a blink in contrast to eternal life. And when you come before my Son, in your hearts He will see how much love you had. In order to spread love in the right way, I am asking my Son, through love, to grant you unity through Him, unity among you, unity between you and your shepherds. Through them my Son always gives Himself to you anew and renews your soul. Do not forget this. Thank you.”

September 25, 2014 – “Dear children! Also today I call you to also be like the stars, which by their light give light and beauty to others so they may rejoice. Little children, also you be the radiance, beauty, joy and peace – and especially prayer – for all those who are far from my love and the love of my Son Jesus. Little children, witness your faith and prayer in joy, in the joy of faith that is in your hearts; and pray for peace, which is a precious gift from God. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

We cannot give in to fear, confusion, and deceit. Such things do not come from God! We are called to be children of light! Jesus and Mary are here to support and protect us in our endeavors, and to touch the hearts of others through us. To be those lighthouses of God’s hope in a dark world. May Our Lady help us in our walk; to pray and fast, offering all to her Son for the salvation of souls!