Two Axe-Weilding Men Go on Rampage at German Train Station

Prayer needed for Germany and all those affected by this unnecessary act of violence… 

(via BBC)

At least five people have been injured in an axe attack at the main railway station in the western German city of Duesseldorf, police say.

The attack happened at about 21:00 local time (20:00 GMT) on Thursday.

One man has been arrested. The 36-year-old suspect from the former Yugoslavia suffers from psychological problems, Duesseldorf police said.

They said the assailant “attacked people at random”. No fatalities have been reported.
One person was injured seriously, and the attacker was also badly injured after jumping from a bridge while trying to escape, police said.

He is being treated in a hospital.

A large number of police were deployed to search the area for possible further suspects. Rail traffic was halted, but is now reported to have resumed. (continue reading)