Nuns Locked in Court Battle with Singer Katy Perry Over Sale of Convent

Katy Perry has been branded “disgusting” by nuns at the center of a court battle over a spectacular former convent in Los Angeles the singer wants to buy.

Sister Rita Callanan, 78, and Sister Rose Catherine Holzman, 86, are locked in a battle over who has the right to sell the historic convent where they once lived.yd72fdu1u0u2xood

They argue that the multi-million dollar property in LA’s Los Feliz belongs to the nuns while the Archdiocese of Los Angeles says it is theirs to sell to Katy Perry.

In a meeting with the star, Sister Callanan quoted her saying: “‘I have this tattoo on my wrist and it says Jesus.’ And I wanted to say, ‘yes and what is the tattoo on your behind?’”

The nuns reveal that they asked Perry about “selling her soul to the devil” and her connection with witchcraft in Salem, Mass. which the singer “could not recall.”

Perry was pictured participating in The Salem Witch Walk in 2014.

Perry has offered $10 million in cash and $4.5 million to buy and replace the retreat house which is lived in by priests on the site.

The sisters are so incensed they have taken their grievances all the way to a lawyer for the Pope, who is handling their case.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Bowick plans to have a ruling within two weeks and has set a status conference for April 4.

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Just for reference, the remarks about Perry’s soul the nuns inquired about, which Perry claimed she did not recall, can be seen and heard in this interview below:


Aspiring artists trading faith and moral values for fame and fortune is, sadly, nothing new. But it is also incredibly dangerous both for the artist, and the people they may influence especially when you add the occult in the mix. There are, in fact, many masonic/occult themes and symbolisms that are used heavily in many pop artists’ music videos, album covers, concerts, and songs. And Miss Perry is one of them. One cannot tell whether she is fully aware of the vicious waters she is treading, but for her sake, I hope she one day decides to truly return to her Christian roots and renounce the empty, self-destructive lies of the occult.