Reflection – A Call to Arms

January 25, 2017 – “Dear children! Today I am calling you to pray for peace: peace in human hearts, peace in the families and peace in the world. Satan is strong and wants to turn all of you against God, and to return you to everything that is human, and to destroy in the heart all feelings towards God and the things of God. You, little children, pray and fight against materialism, modernism and egoism, which the world offers to you. Little children, you decide for holiness and I, with my Son Jesus, intercede for you. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

This message really spoke to my heart. And on a number of levels, I must say.

We have been warned time and time again by Our Lady to pray for peace because it is in severe danger. And those with eyes that can see know very well such is absolutely true. For some of us, there is a real struggle for peace.

Peace is vital, and it’s worth more than gold. When we have peace, we have that inner-strength needed going forward in life; in our trials, hardships and challenges. peace-with-god1

If there’s no peace, there’s no strength, no love, mercy,  no God. Nothing. We’re stuck in mud, paralyzed even. And going forward seems impossible, leaving us trapped in the past instead or some distorted reality.

Our Lady wants us to be aware just how much we need peace; in our hearts, families, in our desires, and in our works. We cannot possibly expect peace to be brought about by treaties or decrees, or by the economy; it needs to start in us first.

Which is why she also makes the important point to remind us of the enemy’s attempts to derail us from God’s peace. Through our egoism, weakness, mistakes, our imperfections and misunderstandings; in our failures, lost opportunities, bad memories, distorted thoughts, pride, selfishness, and fears. The devil is the accuser of the soul and the prince of lies; he wants us to be solely focused inward on ourselves instead of outward to God, and make us unable to see ourselves in the way that He does.fear

Through materialism, idolatry, fame, money, luxury, social status, theft, and jealousy. Through the stock market, gambling, economy, and pinning our hopes in finding peace through empty, worldly desires. Making us more human than spiritual, neglecting the Heavenly Father Who created and cares for us.

And finally through the barrage of modernism, and it’s ideologies; science, technology, New Age practices, masonry and the occult; secularism, communism, and numerous unproven theories. Through its promotion and rationalizing of immorality, murder, violence, corruption, divisions, and anti-family policies and lifestyles. Not to mention, modernism’s war against the Church, and it’s attacks against the Magisterium, its Dogmas and doctrines, tradition and faith, the Word of God, and a distortion of history. Making ourselves gods instead of being children of God, and forcing the Church to be part of the world.

What do all of these attempts at destroying in our hearts our feelings for God and the things of God have in common? Darkness and blindness.


No tactic is spared when it comes to the spiritual battle; not even the saints were spared of this. We have to remain vigilant. At the least sign of unrest and disquiet we must run to the hearts of Jesus and Mary. We must fix our gaze to Heaven, putting our trust in the promises of the Lord and not in the world.

But most of all, the thing we must absolutely do, is whatever our struggles, fears, worries, and pain we must… no… we need to hand them over to Jesus and Mary. Completely get rid of it, let it go, throw it and abandon it into their Hearts. sacredheartimmaculateheart

Their Hearts are all-powerful, and they understand that our burdens can sometimes get too heavy for us to carry. We must entrust it to them. They love us so much, they will most certainly take care of it for us! Afterwards, we cannot return to those burdens since we’ve already handed them over. With deep trust they are taking care of it, our hearts can then be free to focus on what we really need to do: pray with serenity for peace.

Unload all your burden on to Him, since He is concerned about you. Keep sober and alert, because your enemy the devil is on the prowl like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. Stand up to him, strong in faith and in the knowledge that it is the same kind of suffering that the community of your brothers throughout the world is undergoing. [1 Peter 5:7-9]

Our marching orders are clear from Heaven: Pray and fight! With our rosaries, with humility and faith, with the Word of God: reject the darkness and blindness that paralyzes! Remember, Our Lady told us in a previous message that Heaven is fighting with us for peace.

Let us take the Mother’s words of encouragement to heart, throw out and refuse the darkness within and without, and stand firm. Jesus lives in us, and we live in Him. We do not belong to the world and its empty promises. Heaven is watching and protecting us. And Our Lady is here among us. We must, with our prayers and obedience, stand with them in this battle for peace and decide for holiness.

Grow strong in the Lord, with the strength of his power. Put on the full armor of God so as to be able to resist the devil’s tactics. For it is not against human enemies that we have to struggle, but against the principalities and the ruling forces who are masters of the darkness in this world, the spirits of evil in the heavens. That is why you must take up all God’s armor, or you will not be able to put up any resistance on the evil day, or stand your ground even though you exert yourselves to the full.

So stand your ground, with truth a belt round your waist, and uprightness a breastplate, wearing for shoes on your feet the eagerness to spread the gospel peace and always carrying the shield of faith so that you can use it to quench the burning arrows of the Evil One. And then you must take salvation as your helmet and the sword of the Spirit, that is, the word of God. [Ephesians 6:10-17]






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