Reflection – Faith, Hope & Mustard Seeds

January 2, 2017 – “…Not a single person on earth can experience a miraculous experience without faith. I am with you. I am making myself known to you by these comings, by these words; I desire to witness to you my love and motherly care. My children, do not waste time posing questions to which you never receive an answer. At the end of your journey on earth, the Heavenly Father will give them to you. Always know that God knows everything; God sees, God loves…”

The first sentence of this part of Our Lady’s message is so true. A person void of faith is going to have a hard time truly experiencing miraculous and grace-filled moments in life. Perhaps some of us can attest to this statement judging from personal experiences, or people we know.

So many times God manifests Himself in various ways to us on earth, but without faith those encounters with Him can go completely unnoticed. Instead of having faith, we tend to give in to our intellect, our thought-life, to try to analyze every little detail of our lives.

We do so at times so exhaustingly and vigorously that all we’ve succeeded to do is get ourselves in an endless circle of questioning with zero answers, added anxiety and mounting agitation.facebook-self-esteem

We seem to run to every other place for solutions and fixes except the Lord Himself, and that’s because we’re not choosing faith. Instead we are choosing human or worldly strength and intellect. Faith is deemed insufficient, and not worth the time.

We’re essentially saying, “I know best,” rather than turning to Jesus and saying, “I surrender myself to you. Take care of everything.”

If He created us, redeemed us, sanctified us, knows the count of hairs on our head, and lives in us, who better to turn to than God?!

Remember littleness. Remember humility. These things go with faith, which we need so dearly in our lives. All it takes is our yes.

The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith.” The Lord replied, “If you had faith like a mustard seed you could say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you. [Luke 17:5-6]

Faith the size of a mustard seed, the smallest of seeds, could do wonders!


Have you ever had moments in life where you thought you’d just about run out of faith, but still asked the Lord for help and prayed, and were later surprised to find He had answered your prayer?

God knows, sees and hears everything. And most importantly, He loves.

He loves and forgives not like we do. (Thank goodness!) It’s infinitely greater. And He is interested only in our greater good. He wants us, His children, to be with Him!

That’s why our faith is essential, our yes to God. Even those of us who are like the little mustard seeds. If we cut Him out completely, never giving Him the chance to be a part of our lives, we’re going to miss so much.

There’s so much that occurs in our lives that we might not understand. Relationships gone wrong, hardships, change of direction in our careers, missed opportunities, the list can go on. Only the Lord knows, and one day He will reveal to us these things. Right now, we just have to trust in His plan for us.

2ceb1b50e4008998260fb3354ed1ce06And that’s another reason why He has sent the Blessed Mother among us. She’s here to help our itty-bitty mustard seeds of faith grow into beautiful, strong evergreen trees! She is with us, and she is making known to us her pure motherly love for us. The same love that bore and nurtured our Savior.

In a past message, Our Lady once said, “my love is stronger than evil.”

Why is her love stronger than evil? Because the love she possesses is the love of God!

Let’s quit trapping ourselves in endless circles of gloominess, unanswered questions, anxieties and doubt. Instead let us enlist the help of the Holy Mother. She will help us in our daily conversion, teach us faith and love in the Father, and draw us closer to her Son, Jesus. She will help us to obtain a faith that endures!