Archbishop Fulton Sheen – “How To Think”

This is simply amazing!

One of the reasons why I love Archbishop Sheen so much is that I can always get a real education out of what he speaks about, and also his ability to really captivate the attention of his audience. No doubt due to the Holy Spirit!

In this 1955 broadcast Sheen discusses the fashions, moods, theories and statistics of our times, and how they can affect our thinking. In other words, without really calling it what it is, he is explaining a little something called social engineering or psychological warfare; how we should approach them, and how important it is to stick to fundamental principles.

Sheen gave this talk in 1955, but it is incredibly relevant still today. Think about the mainstream media, the statistics and polls, theories and ideologues, propaganda, pop culture and whatnot. Money and motive is all behind it. It’s never simply by chance.

The so-called experts and pollsters were so certain that both Brexit and a President Trump could never happen. So-called experts and scientists swear that GMOs are completely harmless when evidence has shown they cause numerous health risks to both humans and  nature. For centuries, Christians have been told they’re wasting their time on an “outdated” and “rigid” faith, yet we are still here in spite of the countless persecutions still on-going. The miracles and conversions keep on taking place, but the opposition would just love for us to not notice them.

Anyway, I’m done babbling. I’ll let Sheen do all the talking instead. Enjoy!