Good Friday

Today we observe Good Friday, the day of the death of Jesus. Today, the sacrifices we’ve made during Lent culminate in our internalization of the tremendous offering of Christ’s life for our sake and the sake of others. And if we’ve been diligent in our Lenten preparations and offerings, then Good Friday will mean something more to us than just simply a day of remembrance. It’ll be personal for us, it’ll hit us with a better understanding of Christ’s immense love and sacrifice that will truly bring us to our knees. We will carry a piece of that cross in our hearts as we give ourselves over to Him in our penance and reflection.

Often I hear stories from relatives and friends stories about many small towns and villages in Europe being completely shutdown on Good Friday. No stores, no post office, no restaurants; the only place that is left open is church. It’s hard to imagine such a sight when most of our world has become so secularized, where nothing ever really stops. Just look at Black Friday; people simply skip Thanksgiving just to shop till’ they drop.

I believe it’s important for us, wherever we are, whether in a big city or a humble small town, that even if the world refuses to stop then let us take our time to stop instead. Let us give ourselves to Christ in our prayers and reflection. Let’s contemplate on the immensity of His great sacrifice on the cross. The lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Because of Him, we are counted among His children. And because of Him,we have a share in His kingdom. His mercy is far beyond what our mere human intellect could ever comprehend. So, let us in silence watch, and wait with Jesus Crucified, uniting our own sufferings with His. And in the end, as we will see on Easter, love will win!

St. Faustina – “Good Friday. At three o’clock, I saw the Lord Jesus, crucified, who looked at me and said, I thirst. Then I saw two rays issue from His side, just as they appear in the image. I then felt in my soul the desire to save souls and to empty myself for the sake of poor sinners. I offered myself, together with the dying Jesus, to the Eternal Father, for the salvation of the whole world. With Jesus, through Jesus and in Jesus is my communion with You, Eternal Father.” [648, Diary]


For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world!