“This Holy Night”

Dongo (Como, Italy); December 24, 1993 – Message to Father Stefano Gobbi from The Blessed Mother:

“Recollect yourselves with me, in silence and expectation. Forget every other preoccupation, and enter into the quiet of prayer. Live together with me this precious moment which precedes the birth of my divine Child.

This is the night of love and of light. This is the night of reconciliation and of peace. This is the holy night.

Share in the joy of your heavenly Mother, who feels that the moment of her virginal motherhood has now come.

For me, it is as though everything that surrounds me is far away: the fatigue of the journey to Bethlehem; the noise of the crowded caravan; the anxious search to find a place to spend the night; the sad surprise before each door as it is closed; the trusting confidence before a poor little cave which opens itself to us.

The gentle and loving assistance of my most chaste spouse, Joseph, surrounds me like a caress. It is he who seeks to make the place more hospitable; who prepares the crib in a warmer manger; who looks about for a shield against the rigor of the cold; who stays close to me and joins in my great prayer; who sees heaven open; who contemplates in wonder the prodigy, hears the song of the angels and is conscious of the peace which comes down from heaven; who opens the door to the poor and the little ones and graciously accepts the simple gifts of the shepherds.

As for myself, I am absorbed in a profound rapture; the face of the Father is revealed to me, and I contemplate the divine mystery of his merciful love; the Word, who has taken human form in my virginal womb, becomes present in my motherly arms as a newborn Babe, and I cover Him with kisses and tears; the Holy Spirit looks with pleasure on the fruit of his overshadowing.

Beloved children, live with me in this profound rapture throughout this holy night.

It is Love which is born into a world consumed with hatred. It is Light which dawns upon the long season of deep darkness. It is the awaited Reconciliation between a lost humanity and its Lord who loves and redeems it. It is Peace which comes down from heaven upon all men of good will.

Enter with me into the mystery of this holy night. For the great trial has now arrived for all. Violence and the fire of hatred are bringing death to the world. A deep darkness enwraps this humanity, which no longer sees light. The pact of the Covenant is again broken by men who have openly rebelled against their God. And wars, rebellions and destruction fill your journey with tears and blood. For you, the time of the great trial has come.

And so, once again, I invite you to let yourselves be carried by me into the mystery of this holy night. And then, like Joseph, exert yourselves earnestly to open up the souls and hearts of men to receive Jesus in his second coming. And do not allow yourselves to be taken up with vain and useless preoccupations, but keep watch with me in prayer and in the expectation of his now closely approaching return in glory.”